When you’re dealing with any amount of water damage, it’s essential that you call us immediately at Cleaning Air Service to fix the problem. Even small amounts of water damage can cause large problems that require costly repairs. Whether a faucet has leaked or a pipe has burst in your home, water damage restoration services will be able to provide a remedy to the issue and help to restore the damaged area to its original quality. It’s important to understand that excess water can lead to a wide array of complications if not taken care of immediately, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency service to all residents of New Jersey, USA.

Primary Causes of Water Damage in New Jersey

There are a large number of reasons that your home or business could go through water damage. Plumbing leaks and broken pipes are common causes of water damage, both of which can occur when the plumbing system in your home has started to degrade. If you’ve accidentally clogged the toilet and were unable to notice in time, water could spread throughout your bathroom and cause a substantial amount of water damage.

Cracks in the foundation and leaking roofs are common problems as well, both of which can be addressed with our water damage restoration services. Depending on where you live in NJ, it’s possible that the water damage could also be caused by heavy storms and flooding in your area. If a heavy thunderstorm is expected to occur near your home in the immediate future, be on the lookout for signs of water damage.

Dangers of NJ Water Damage

Water damage poses a large number of problems, which is why the water should be contained and removed from your home immediately after you notice it. If the water is left untended to, it’s possible that it could come into contact with electrical wires and equipment, which could potentially damage the equipment and cause an electrical fire. Depending on the area of your home that the water has damaged, the structure of your property could be damaged as well.

If the water has spread throughout your living room or bedroom, the furnishings within could have expensive damage done to them by the water. Even if the water damage has been kept to a minimum, a very common concern of water damage is with the development of mold. Mold is a hazardous fungus that can lead to a wide range of its own issues if not dealt with quickly. All of these dangers and more can be avoided as long as you contact us at 609-285-3984.

What Water Damage Restoration Services Include

Here at Cleaning Air Service in New Jersey, USA, we understand just how damaging water can be to the quality of a home, which is why we strive to provide a rapid response when you request our water damage restoration services. Once we arrive at your home, we’ll make sure to preserve and restore any of your possessions that have been damaged by the water. Our technicians are fully certified and licensed, which means that we know exactly what it takes to safely remove water from your home and handle your possessions. 

It’s important to understand that this can be a lengthy process. We will need to expect your property and make an assessment of the damage. Once this has been completed, we will remove the water and dry any materials and items of yours that have been damaged. During the drying and dehumidifying process, we use drying techniques that have proven to be highly effective. Before the restoration takes place, the area will be cleaned and sanitized. Our full restoration services extend from drywall removal to floor repair. If your home has been recently damaged by water, contact our NJ location at 609-285-3984 to schedule our water damage restoration services.

What Water Damage Restoration Services
What Water Damage Restoration Services
Water Damage Restoration Services
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