When you own a New Jersey restaurant, the condition of the exhaust systems and grease traps in your commercial-grade kitchen is paramount to maintaining a kitchen that is compliant with health standards. Whether you select our restaurant hood cleaning services or grease collection & trap cleaning services, we aim to provide all of our customers with exemplary service. We will arrive at your kitchen and closely inspect the area so that we can see what exactly we’re dealing with. Properly maintaining your equipment will keep your kitchen and the equipment inside of it in an ideal condition.

How These Affordable Services Can Benefit Your NJ Restaurant

In order for the kitchen within your NJ restaurant to be at the quality that you want it to be, you will need to have your grease traps and hoods cleaned. There are an array of reasons as to why you should have this equipment cleaned, the primary of which is because it keeps your restaurant safe.

Having your kitchen hood cleaned by professionals who know what they’re doing will substantially improve ventilation, which bolsters the air quality for your staff and customers. This cleaning will also help you avoid fires, which is a serious problem that can occur when grease builds up in the hood. Grease buildup can also be problematic when it starts to drip down from the hood and onto the floor or even the food that you’re making for customers, which no one will want to eat.

As for our trap cleaning services, these cleanings will prevent your grease trap from becoming clogged up from fat, grease, and oil. The clogging of these substances will lessen the effectiveness of your grease trap. Having this area cleaned will also protect you from a financial disaster. When the drain within your grease trap backs up, the overflow can be very expensive to properly clean up. You may even need to close your doors for a couple of days until the cleanup is finished, which will cause you to lose important revenue.

The Process of Grease Collection & Trap Cleaning

The grease collection services we offer are standard collection services that will collect the oil and grease in your grease trap and safely recycle it. This service helps you maintain a healthy and clean standard in your restaurant while also protecting the environment. Our trap cleaning services are more extensive and can be requested whenever you feel as though the grease trap in your kitchen is starting to become clogged. Don’t wait to contact us about these problems. If you wait too long, the grease is liable to cause a range of problems. 

The chemicals that we use during the cleaning process are effective and safe. The same is true for our restaurant hood cleaning process. We will inspect and remove all components so that they can be properly cleaned of any grease or oil that remains. Some of the components will be power washed to remove any of the excess substances that can be more difficult to remove with standard chemicals. 

Once we put the restaurant hood or grease trap back together, we will test the systems to make sure that they work properly and don’t need to be cleaned again until the next scheduled session. Once the cleaning has been finished, you will be given an inspection certificate that notes the date on which the equipment was cleaned. When you want to schedule our restaurant hood cleaning or trap cleaning services for your NJ restaurant, contact us at 609-285-3984.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning, Grease Collection & Trap Cleaning
Restaurant Hood Cleaning, Grease Collection & Trap Cleaning
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