Being involved in a fire can be a frightening and stressful experience. Once the fire trucks have left your home and you’ve had time to assess the damage, you’ll likely start to understand just how much damage a fire can do. The actual fire damage is among the most readily noticeable aspects of a fire. However, the smoke and soot can also spread throughout every possession and item in your home. If the damage was contained enough to save your home, you might want to consider the fire & smoke damage restoration services that we offer at Cleaning Air Service. No matter where you live in New Jersey, USA, we will arrive at your home or business to do a quick estimate of the damage so that you can know the price of the restoration before we begin our work.

Primary Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services

The main fire & smoke damage restoration services that are offered here at Cleaning Air Service include:

  • Inspecting your home and assessing the damage
  • Board-up services and the provision of tarps for your roof if necessary
  • Water removal if water damage has been caused by firefighting services
  • The removal of soot and smoke from all surfaces within your home
  • A comprehensive cleaning of any item that requires it
  • Complete restoration services to make sure that your home and the possessions within are in the condition that they were before the fire

Each of these services is essential towards making sure that your NJ home is as good as it was before the fire. During the cleaning of your possessions, there are a variety of methods that we use to clean these items while also maintaining their quality. Some of these methods include dry cleaning, wet cleaning, abrasive cleaning, and foam cleaning. When you call us at 609-285-3984, make sure that you ask for a no obligation free quote. This quote will provide you with every detail pertaining to the damage caused by the fire as well as what it will cost to fix this damage.

Caring for Your Belongings Before We Arrive

In the immediate aftermath of a fire, we highly recommend that you try not to do too much with your belongings before we arrive. If you notice any treasured possessions that have been unaffected by the fire or soot damage, you can place them in a bag or purse.

However, don’t try to clean any of your belongings without professional assistance. We use different cleaning methods with different items to ensure that every item is handled with care. It’s also essential that you don’t attempt to clean any electrical appliances. Doing so can be dangerous when the damage has been caused by a fire. If you believe that you will need to move out while these restoration services take place, we will help you get together any undamaged items that you may want to take with you once we arrive.

Actions to Avoid After a Fire

There are several things that you want to avoid doing after a fire. Don’t try to wash the walls or floors of your home until we arrive. Because of the issues with eradicating smoke and soot damage, attempting to clean these surfaces may only worsen the problem and cause the soot to become more embedded in the surfaces. You’ll also want to avoid consuming any foods or beverages that were stored nearby the fire.

If your ceiling has been damaged by the fire, don’t attempt to turn any lights or ceiling fans on. You also don’t want to send your clothes to a standard dry cleaner since they may not know how to clean items that have been damaged by soot and smoke. Call us now at 609-285-3984 to schedule a free fire & smoke damage restoration quote for your New Jersey home.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
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