Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ USA

Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ USA

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Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ USA – Give Us A Call Today –Did you know more than 15,000 avoidable fires occur every year due to clogged dryer vents? In most cases, clogs happen due to the buildup of lint in the dryer venting system when it bypasses the lint filter in the dryer. At other times, blockages may happen due to birds or squirrels making nests in the dryer venting system.

A blocked dryer vent not only creates a fire hazard but also affects the efficiency of the dryer. This is the reason, it is recommended to get your dryer vent cleaned by professionals at least once a year. Give us a call at 609–285–3984 for Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ USA.

Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ USA

Dryer vent cleaning is desired during springtime in New Jersey due to likely infestation of sparrows and starling birds as they like to build nests in safe environments such as dryer vents. The dryer may also be blocked due to infestation of pests. In New Jersey, clogging is most likely to happen due to birds. Birds feel secure inside a place like a dryer vent but their nests may completely block the airflow from the vent and that will create a fire hazard and several other issues.

Benefits of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is true that you can remove some of the lint that is in the dryer on your own with the help of a vacuum but you need professionals to thoroughly clean the vent as specialized tools are needed for thorough cleaning. If you are still unconvinced about the various benefits of professional dryer vent cleaning, here are a few reasons to give us a call for professional dryer vent cleaning NJ USA.

If the dryer vent is free from obstructions, it will ensure that your dryer keeps operating at its optimum efficiency. It will not only help in making sure that your dryer keeps working without any issues but also help in bringing down your monthly energy bills. If the dryer vent is clogged and you keep running your dryer, the system will have to work harder in order to force the hot air out which will lead to higher energy bills.

Another advantage of professional cleaning of dryer vents is that it will help in cutting down the time needed for drying the clothes. If they dryer vent is clogged and the hot air is unable to get out of the system, your clothes will take much longer to dry inside the dryer.

One of the main reasons you should get your dryer vent cleaned professionally is to avoid the danger of fire. As mentioned in the beginning, more than 15,000 fires occur each year due to clogged dryer venting system. This happens due to the reason that clogged dryer vent leads to build up of lint inside the vent. Lint is highly flammable and continuous buildup of lint in the system creates a fire hazard.

When the hot air from your dryer is unable to escape due to blockage in the dryer venting system, the temperature continues to rise until you turn off the dryer or the drying cycle ends. If the vent is clogged, there will come a time when the temperature rises enough to ignite the lint inside the dryer vent and this is the reason, you should give us a call now to make sure that your dryer vent is properly cleaned.

Professional dryer vent cleaning NJ USA will also lead to better air quality inside your home. If they dryer vent is not clean, it may push dirty air with allergens into your home and damage the indoor air quality. In some cases, the blockage in the air vents may also lead to the release of carbon monoxide inside your home and that may lead to several health issues.

Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ USA

Signs of Blocked Dryer Vent

If you’re wondering how you will know whether your dryer went is blocked and you need to call a professional Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ USA Service, here is a list of five tell-tale signs that it’s time for professional cleaning.

Drying Takes Longer Than Usual

If the drying cycle keeps getting longer every time you run the dryer, it typically means that the dryer vent is clogged. If that is the case, you’ll also find that the clothes are not completely dry when the drying cycle ends. The dryer vent is used for pushing out the hot moist air and if the vent is clogged, this hot and moist air will keep in the dryer which, in turn, will prevent your clothes from completely drying. When drying takes longer than usual, it also leads to more than usual wear and tear on your machine which affects its total lifespan.

Outside is Hot

If you find that your clothes are really hot at the end of a drying cycle or if you find it difficult to touch the dryer as it is too hot to touch, it typically means that the venting system is clogged and the hot air is not able to exhaust properly. It not only leads to higher energy bills but may also lead to higher wear and tear off the heating element as well as blower.

Dryer Vent Cleaning NJ USA

Burning Smell

If you notice a burning smell when running your dryer, it typically means that the dryer vent is clogged and it’s time for cleaning. Lint is extremely flammable and it may buildup in the lint trap, drum casing as well as in the exhaust tube. In case the temperature inside the vent gets too hot due to clogging, the lint may catch fire and that may lead to burning smell.

It is important that you switch off the dryer immediately as soon as you notice a burning smell and give us a call to inspect it at the earliest. Our team of professionals is always available and we will ensure that the dryer vent is completely cleaned.

Unable to Open Vent Hood Flap

In case you are not able to open the vent hood flap properly, it’s time for a cleaning. If there are debris or lint lying around the outside vent opening or the duct hood flap doesn’t open as it should, you should give us a call in order to do the cleaning.

Last Inspection Was More Than a Year Ago

Experts recommend inspection of the dryer vent ducts at least once a year in order to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. As mentioned above, a clogged dryer venting system is not only a fire hazard but also affects the overall efficiency of your dryer. It also pollutes the indoor air and may lead to several other issues. So, give us a call for your annual dryer vent duct inspection to make sure that everything is clean and is working as it should.

Why Should You Avoid DIY Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Today, you can easily find a DIY dryer vent cleaning kit but we recommend not using these kits as these kits can be used for cleaning a length up to 10 feet only. It may give you a false sense of security and in many cases, it may further block the dryer venting system as you push the lint to the other end. Therefore, it is better to give a call at (609) 285-3984 and let the professionals handle dryer vent cleaning.

How We Can Help

Here at Cleaning Air Service, we have the required expertise and equipment to properly clean the dryer vents and make sure that the blockage does not recur in the future. In most cases, the blockage occurs due to not cleaning the vents for a long time but it may also be due to bird nests or a problem with the ventilation connections or any other such issues. Rest assured, our team of professionals will have your dryer vents cleaned in no time.

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