No matter how much your vacuum the rugs and carpets in your home, particles like dirt, dust, and other substances will still build up over time. Eventually, these particles will turn your clean and pristine rug into a shabby looking one that won’t match the quality of the rest of your home. A great way to avoid these issues is with our carpet & rug cleaning services. The carpet & rug cleaning services offered here at Cleaning Air Service are second to none. We use the highest quality cleaning solutions and will make sure that the surfaces of your carpets and rugs are spotless before we complete the job. Call us at 609-285-3984 if you would like to schedule a cleaning. 

Importance of Having Your Carpets and Rugs Professionally Cleaned

The benefits of having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned are innumerable. Carpet is a wonderful choice for the flooring of your home as long as you keep it clean. If you don’t, however, you’ll soon notice that it changes color with the passing of time. While vacuuming may help to delay these problems, they will eventually occur. Although drab looking carpets is an aesthetic concern that should push you towards having your carpets and rugs professionally cleaned, a bigger problem is that allergens and bacteria can also become trapped in the fibers. The presence of these particles can cause a range of health problems that include breathing issues like asthma as well as sinus problems. 

Mold can also develop on carpets if you don’t have them cleaned often enough. If any water comes into contact with your carpets or rugs and isn’t speedily removed, mold may start to grow. A more noticeable problem that will occur when your rugs have become dirty is that they will start to smell. The fibers in carpets can trap odors, which can be an issue if you have pets. Our family owned cleaning service has strong solutions on hand that can eradicate these odors. The main benefit from having your rugs and carpets cleaned by professionals is that they will last longer. Professional cleanings can greatly extend the life of your carpet. 

What Carpet & Rug Cleaning Entails

The cleaning methods that we employ are extremely effective at getting deep into the fibers of your carpets or rugs. When you request our New Jersey cleaning services, we will arrive at your home and inspect the area that needs to be cleaned. This inspection is important because it allows us to identify any tears or pulls in your rugs so that we can avoid them while cleaning. The solutions we use are applied quickly and include a layer of protection for the rugs as well as a deodorizing substance that helps get rid of any awful smells that are trapped in the fibers of your carpet. When we’re done, your carpet will look and smell as good as new. 

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