When you want to be proactive about the air quality in your NJ home, you might want to consider having an ultraviolet lighting system installed. This system is designed to protect you and your family from the hazardous particles that can enter into your air ducts. These particles include mold, bacteria, and pollen.

The system can directly target all of these harmful particles and provide you with cleaner air. If you’re considering purchasing one of these systems, we at Cleaning Air Service in New Jersey, USA offer a premium UV lighting system installation service that can have the unit installed without issue and in a short amount of time. The light itself is compact in size and can be installed in practically no time, which means that we won’t be in your way. Call us at 609-285-3984 if you have any questions about how the system works.

How Your Family Can Benefit From an Air Duct UV Lighting System

Ultraviolet light is a type of radiation that’s not visible by the naked eye. It is given off by a variety of objects that include everything from stars to light bulbs. When directed towards an object, the radiation that is present with this type of lighting can kill some of the more harmful particles that enter into your air ducts. When this bulb is used within an ultraviolet lighting system, the light will kill the germs in bacteria and mold by adversely affecting their DNA. Once the DNA of these germs has been disrupted, the germs will be unable to reproduce, which means that they will die in a short period of time. If you want the germs to be rid of entirely, consider obtaining our cleaning services for air ducts. 

If you are worried about the dangers of ultraviolet light, the light can only reach inside the air ducts, which means that you and members of your family will never come in contact with the light. Make sure, however, that you never look directly at the light. Doing so can cause you to obtain a type of “sunburn” on your eyes that’s painful and can cause issues with your vision. If ever there is a problem with the system, call our New Jersey, USA location at 609-285-3984 to request maintenance for the system.

How We Perform These Installation Services

At Cleaning Air Service in NJ, we employ only the most skilled of technicians, which is why you can be confident in the installation work that we provide. Our UV lighting system installation service is among the more affordable services at our business. When you select this service, we’ll arrive at your home or business at a time of your convenience. The lighting system itself is relatively small and easy to directly install into your HVAC unit.

There are multiple points of installation that can be used, which we’ll be able to determine once we arrive at your residence or business. The main points of installation include within the air handler of your HVAC unit or at strategic points within the air ducts. When you are trying to find a “UV lighting system installer near me”, you can reach us at 609-285-3984 and can call from anywhere in New Jersey, USA.

Air Duct UV Lighting System Installation Service
Air Duct UV Lighting System Installation Service
Air Duct UV Lighting System Installation Service
Air Duct UV Lighting System Installation Service
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